THIS MODEL The AAR series are compact, versatile, fully automatic polarimeters, suitable for measuring the rotation of optically active compounds across numerous samples throughout a vast range of laboratory applications. With cast aluminium base and solid panels, the AAR series polarimeters are extremely robust. Although the most compact polarimeter in the market, the sample compartment accepts standard size tubes up to mm path length. Samples up to OD 1. This ensures that readings are not biased due to sample colour. A warning is given by the digital display if the OD 1.

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Di conseguenza sono possibili due strutture semiacetaliche, a seconda della configurazione del nuovo centro chirale. Due monosaccaridi che differiscono soltanto per la configurazione del centro anomerico sono anomeri si tratta di un tipo particolare di epimeri. Gli anomeri vengono distinti in a o b , a seconda della posizione del gruppo ossidrile. Esistono prove fisiche dirette che i monosaccaridi si trovano quasi esclusivamente in forma di semiacetali ciclici.

Se, ad esempio, il D-glucosio viene cristallizzato da metanolo, si ottiene la forma a pura. Per cristallizzazione del glucosio da acido acetico, invece, si ottiene la forma b. Alla fine si ottiene una miscela di equilibrio. Dalla soluzione madre gli allievi prepareranno tre soluzioni da ml per diluizione allo scopo di ottenere altri tre punti per la costruzione della retta di calibrazione.

Gli allievi dovranno almeno effet tuare una serie di tre misure per ogni campione in modo da potere esprimere il risultato come media dei valori trovati. I dati ottenuti andranno riportati in una tabella come la seguente:.


PolarimetrĂ­a: fundamento, tipos, aplicaciones, ventajas y desventajas

Due to the continuously growing demands for the analysis of chiral substances at different wavelengths regulated by national and international pharmacopeias , Anton Paar polarimeters support your applications with customer-specific wavelength configuration. Optimal thermal conditions for fast and accurate results The temperature is the external parameter which has the most influence on the optical rotation measurement. To eliminate its effect on the measurement, the MCP series has a fast, precise, and stable built-in Peltier temperature control system. Built-in trust in the results The FillingCheckTM technology gives you a live video of the sample in the cell during and after filling. You can easily see bubbles or streaks in the image more clearly than with the human eye and can intervene if necessary. The image is automatically stored along with the measuring result. In this way you receive a traceable documentation of the measurement conditions, even after years.


Componentes del polarĂ­metro

Product demonstration You would like to get to know our devices better? Would you like to know more about the operation or the precision of the measuring technology? Are you unsure if the working environment is suitable for a precision instrument? Or you want to test the acceptance in the working environment? For you, we demonstrate our products on site, so that measuring methods and measuring instruments meet your specific wishes. Installation During installation, we include your work environment and processes so that our devices can achieve the best measurement results. Our technical staff ensures that your internal and external quality standards are adhered to.

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