Этот курс подробно охватывает все части экзамена IELTS, предоставляет информацию, консультации и практику, чтобы гарантировать, что студенты будут полностью подготовлены к каждому аспекту экзамена. Учебник содержит полный примерный тест, 8 тематических уроков и предлагает поэтапный подход к решению различных задач: чтения, говорения, прослушивания и письма. Содержит примеры правильных и полных ответов на экзамене и практические упражнения. В комплект входит CD-диск ,содержащий дополнительные упражнения, грамматику и словарь. Дополнительные материалы для скачивания некоторых файлов необходима регистрация.

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There are also two Class Audio CDs which contain additional listening practice, as well as recordings for all the listening sections. A detailed word list of useful words from each unit is also provided here but some teachers could consider the detail given a little complex, and students might be better off finding the meaning for themselves. For example, Unit 1 gives practice for Section 1 of the Listening and Reading and Part 1 of the Speaking and Task 1 for the writing — the second sections and part 2 for writing then being offered in the second unit.

Unit 3 gives practice for section 3 for the Listening and Reading while giving additional practice for Speaking Part 2 and Writing Part 1 there only being two parts to the Writing.

Unit 4 gives another Section 1 practice for the Reading because there are only three sections for the Reading but gives practice for Section 4 for the Listening, which has four sections, and practice for both Parts 2 and 3 for the Speaking and practice again for Writing Task 2.

After every second unit Units 2, 4, 6 and 8 there is a vocabulary and grammar review of the previous two units. Students are therefore given plenty of practice for the various sections of the test. The speaking sections which cover word and sentence stress patterns are especially helpful when used with the CD ROM.

The reference sections at the back of the book provide explicit advice on strategies and sample answers with detailed explanations for the writing and speaking sections. The language reference section gives additional details about each grammar item from the units, such as the relative clauses and relative pronouns in Unit 6, reference devices in Unit 7 or the time conjunctions in Unit 8. Whether planning to take the test or just needing the skills and language for this level, students will not be disappointed.

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Review ~ Complete IELTS: Bands 5-6.5



( Full PDF + AUDIO bản đẹp + Keys Answer) Trọn bộ Complete IELTS Level 4.0 - 7.5 IELTS


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