As an Asterisk module, Skype for Asterisk does have some features that Skype Connect does not, including text chat, presence updates, and the ability to call a Skype user directly rather an via SkypeIn number. Installation of Skype for Asterisk Since Skype for Asterisk is a commercial product, documentation for installing and configuring the module is available from Digium directly. Personal Skype IDs are not allowed. Our example Skype user will be pbx.

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Subscribe to comments with RSS. Asterisk on virtual machines would be an interesting topic. Timing glitches causing dropped frames etc. I tend to stay away from it. Jonas B. I think Jim is probably right though, in that it deserves at least an honorable mention. Also, I would like to see at least some focus on external tools integration receptionist, jabber, unified messaging and video conferencing.

Otherwise, the book is awesome! I never had luck with real-time in Asterisk 1. So a better detail on real-time is good to have in the next edition of this beautiful book. This part remain unclear. I would love to have more details on the needed package for the installation of Asterisk and add-on. There have been quite new developpements on asterisk and some documentation are a bit out of date.

New exemples about extensions. More detailed explanations about the processing with calls and the use of [peer] [friend] [user]. These terms are subject to a lot of confusions in the community.

The differences between authentication, secret, remotesecret, and md5secret as there is so much mix by the VoIP providers. Best regards.


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I have vowed to try and write at least ONE article per week on my blog, even if it is quite short. How about I make a rule that says I can only cheat once per month? They include: Moving from the deprecated AgentCallbackLogin application to a dialplan based solution A series of articles articles on building a single system, hot-desking Agent queue system The first draft of a complete re-write of chapter 3 of Asterisk: The Future of Telephony The first bullet point is an issue I have been seeing on IRC and other forums for about 2 years, and which I want to solve by providing the necessary documentation on how to move from using AgentCallbackLogin to a dialplan based solution as is the preferred method. I will create a dialplan subroutine which will hopefully make it easy to replace the calls to AgentCallbackLogin with a GoSub. I have received permission from the client who will remain nameless for now to utilize the configuration files I built for them in a series of articles detailing how to build the system from scratch.





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